Dental Implants

Replace your missing teeth without affecting other teeth with Dental Implants.

Having a complete set of healthy teeth has a lot of benefits. You can properly chew your food, and you can flash your pearly whites without hesitation when you meet someone or when a friend tells a funny joke. But what if you have a tooth or two missing? Do you have to hide your smile just because you have missing front teeth? Should you resort to wearing dentures that would sometimes accidentally come off at the wrong moment?

You can now regain your confidence and boost your self-esteem with the help of dental implants thanks to modern dental technology. You don't have to suffer in silence anymore even if you have missing incisors or molars. Whether you lost your teeth because of decay, gum disease, or an accident, Dentist Joondalup can help bring back your smile with this safe and affordable dental procedure.

During the procedure, a titanium post is implanted into the bone where the tooth used to be. This will serve as an artificial yet permanent tooth root.    

Why Are Dental Implants Better Than Dentures?

When it comes to overall oral health and boosting your self-esteem, nothing beats dental implants. Dentures may be cheaper at first, but dental implants trump them when it comes to boosting your overall oral health and regaining your confidence. Below are some of the benefits you will reap when you choose dental implants:

  • With dental implants, your overall appearance will vastly improve. Not only do dental implants feel and look like your real teeth, they are also meant to be permanent.   
  • When you have dental implants, you don't have to worry about your dentures slipping off your mouth while you're talking to a friend or an acquaintance.
  • Dental implants make chewing easier and without pain—unlike dentures.
  • With consistent oral hygiene, dental implants can last for many years.
  • Dental implants improve your self-esteem and oral health.

Who Can Get Dental Implants?

If you're healthy enough to undergo oral surgery and you have healthy bones and gums, then you can get dental implants. Smokers and people who are suffering from certain conditions (such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, leukaemia) should talk to their physicians first before having dental implants.

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