Dentist-Approved Emergency Care for Your Braces

Emergency Dentist Joondalup

Orthodontic emergencies rarely happen. But when they do, know that you should immediately seek the help of your dentist. Your dentist will know the proper and most efficient way of dealing with any of your orthodontic concerns, may they be urgent or not.

However, you should know that most orthodontic emergencies have temporary solutions. These temporary solutions are instant, effective, and can be easily done by you. These solutions are so effective that it can even solve your emergency concern even before your visit to your dentist. Alternatively speak to the emergency dentist specialist in your area.

Read on to learn what you could actually do in case you, your family, or friends will encounter emergency orthodontic issues. You will be surprised to learn how easy and simple these temporary solutions can be!

Your mouth is sore!

Soreness is common when one begins orthodontic treatment. This is because of the ongoing pressure that your teeth experience as they adjust to new placements and positions. This is very normal and even shows that progress is actually taking place. 

However, it can cause discomfort especially to people with low pain tolerance who are not used to dull aches and soreness. Know that this can go on for three to five days. Soreness should be expected after every time your braces are adjusted. As you get used to your orthodontic treatment, the more and more it will be easier for you to adjust to the soreness. There will even come a point that you will no longer feel any discomfort anymore after every adjustment. It is because your mouth will actually get used to it.

DIY Quick Solution  – Use warm saltwater. Rinse your mouth with it every time you feel the soreness. Create the rinse with 1/2 teaspoon table of salt and 8 oz of water. Be careful as this should never be swallowed. You should spit it out after rinsing.

Your appliance is loose!

Loose appliance can also cause discomfort. Discomfort is felt because the appliance can create unnecessary friction through the rubbing against the side of your mouth or your gums.

This can especially be challenging for people with sore gums or sensitive gums. Some can even have gum sensitivity. Gum sensitivity can last for one to three weeks depending on the severity. If one is already suffering from gum sensitivity, having a loose appliance is never an ideal situation. Worry not because you can actually do something about it.

DIY Quick Solution – Use dental wax. Simply apply dental wax to the area or bracket where there is discomfort. Discomfort should disappear after the application. 

One of your brackets is loose!

Brackets get loose and detached from your tooth for numerous reasons. It could be the food you ate or the ongoing movement and positioning of your teeth. The eating of hard and crispy foods (like apples and pork rinds) can loosen your bracket by the continuous application of angular force that directly hits your brackets when you chew. Your newly positioned and adjusted teeth can also cause brackets to get loose because of the newly consistent pressure and strain. If your bracket is loose but still attached to the wire, you can do something about it.

DIY Quick Solution – Use dental wax. Duly apply dental wax to the loose bracket.

However, there are instances where the wire is completely out of place and removed from its locks. This instance will require you to have an action plan instead of a temporary solution.

DIY Action Plan – Secure the dislocated wire and brackets. Use a tissue to wrap the misplaced brackets before visiting your dentist.

Your wire is loose!

You should definitely visit your dentist the soonest time possible when your wire or wires get loose. Your orthodontist will need to apply it back the soonest time possible for continuous undisturbed treatment. Waiting for too long can dismiss and altogether throw away your orthodontic progress and improvement. Despite the urgency, you can do something about it. You need not wait for your appointment as you actually have tools around your house that can use to ease your discomfort.

DIY Quick Solution – You can use tweezers. Using your tweezers, put the wire back into its original placement. If you’ve already used tweezers and dental wax and it still doesn’t attach, you can use a fingernail clipper or nail cutter.

You can use a nail cutter or fingernail clipper to clip the loose wire. In doing this, clip the wire nearest to the last tooth to which it is attached. This will end your unnecessary discomfort from having a loose wire inside your mouth. If discomfort persists, apply dental wax.

Your wire is misplaced and its poking into parts of your mouth!

Wire emergencies like this are very common. Wires often get misplaced because they carry the pressure and force that allows for effective orthodontic treatment. They can break loose when one eats hard and crispy foods, or brush and floss aggressively. It can randomly break loose when pressure is intense as adjustment takes place. The poking can cause discomfort as loose wires can reach sensitive parts of one’s mouth. When at home and prior to your appointment with your dentist, you can actually do something about it.

DIY Quick Solution – You can use a pencil eraser. Use a pencil eraser to poke the wire down. You should also place dental wax to ease your discomfort.


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